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It’s All About LAXMI!

Delve into the world of LAXMI

About The Book:

  • Book: Red Lipstick: The Men in my Life
  • Author: Laxmi, Pooja Pande
  • Publisher: Penguin Random House India
  • Publication year: 2016
  • Genre: Queer | Autobiography | Memoir

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The first feeling I had when I finished this book was, doesn’t this go round and round and sound a bit whiny. However, in retrospect when I think about what Laxmi had to go through to be where she is today, I would never stop complaining even for a moment. 

No one listens to you, in this world, until you create a ruckus.

In this book, Laxmi looks at herself through the various men in her life, some still relevant and some no longer in her good books.

I want to applaud her for everything she has done for the community

I want to applaud her for the voices she raised

I want to applaud her for the other people she helped

Yet, doing so through this book does not seem like the right way to go. The text begs the question of acceptance and growth and asking other’s giving unsolicited opinions to fuck off. The way it does so, however, is something that does not sit well with me. 

It is aggressive, rash, repetitive, and so many other words that I do not want to spell out. The book definitely did not meet the expectations with which I picked it. Nevertheless, I do have some takeaways from the read and I am thankful for that.



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